Packers Season Ticket Waiting List Update 2023

My annual update from the Green Bay Packers letting me know where I am on the season ticket waiting list arrived this week. Whenever these arrived in the past, I would post my progress here, but for some reason I haven’t posted since 2020. Whoops! Time to get back on track.

At my last update, I was sitting at 50,992. In 2021 I moved up to 49,858, and in 2022 I was at 48,521. And now…? Drumroll please….

2023 Green Bay Packers season ticket waiting list postcard

I’m 46,406 in line! That’s a jump of 2,115 which is a good move up. That’ s a lot of folks in front of me still, but here’s a chart of my progress since I joined the list in 2005.

If the trend of the last couple of years keeps up, I might make it to the front of the line while I’m still breathing. Fingers crossed. If you would like to join the waiting list for your own season tickets (or better yet, add your kids), you can find info on the Packers web site.