New RDP Clients from Microsoft on their way… Cue the Chorus!

I was minding my own business this afternoon getting some work done, when one little tweet stopped me dead in my tracks.

At first I thought, “This must be a joke. Microsoft hasn’t done anything with its RDP client for Mac for years.” But what if it was true? Could this mean support for RD Gateways on MacOS? Without a 3rd party client? I asked, and it was confirmed along with other good things too.

What amazing news! a MacOS client along with clients for Windows, Windows RT, iOS, and Android too! But what about RemoteApp support? Did I dare hope that it was there too? I threw caution to the wind, let my expectations rise, and I asked the question.

Cue the chorus…

You can read more at the Microsoft News Center (Microsoft unleashes fall wave of enterprise cloud solutions) as well as on the Official Microsoft blog (The Enterprise Cloud takes center stage). The section on the RDP clients reads:

Further, with Windows Server 2012 R2 Microsoft is introducing the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, available for download in applications stores later this month, to provide easy access to PCs and virtual desktops on variety of devices and platforms, including Windows, Windows RT, iOS, OS X and Android.

I can’t wait.

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