Xbox One: “For some reason TV took too long to start (0x8027025a)”

I setup my Xbox One last night, and everything seemed to be working well. This morning, however, I ran into a bug that seems to be common from reading the Xbox One Support Forum for Live TV.

I gave the “Xbox One” command to try the Instant On feature and make sure TV was working as expected. The Xbox started up, but none of the other devices did. The TV, receiver, and DirecTV box all remained off. I turned them all on manually, then selected TV. The TV startup screen came up, sat there, then eventually timed out and gave me this error:

“For some reason TV took too long to start (0x8027025a)”

I tried going into settings, but when I selected “TV & OneGuide,” I received the same error. I tried a number of things, but I simply could not get live TV to work.

The workaround I finally stumbled on was to switch the power setting from Instant On to Energy-saving and then restart the Xbox. After that change, my devices all started when the Xbox One started up (albeit slowly compared to using Instant On). Live TV worked on every startup afterwards.  I lost the ability to say “Xbox On” and start everything up quickly, but not a big loss if I couldn’t watch Live TV. See this Microsoft support article, “How to change the power settings on your Xbox One console” for help changing your power setting.

For reference, the devices I have connected to the Xbox One are a DirecTV HR24-500 receiver, a Vizio E421VA television, and an Onkyo TX-NR509 receiver. People posting in the forums with this problem have a range of different devices, so it doesn’t seem to be specific to my DirecTV receiver.

Hopefully this is something they can get fixed in an update soon. Having the Instant On function work flawlessly is a must if I’m going to convince the other parties in the house (aka my wife) to let Xbox One be the core of our TV watching experience.

Update! (Dec. 7)

A few people who commented on this post mentioned that they were able to leave Instant On enabled if they disabled the option to let Xbox turn off their cable/satellite box. I finally had a chance to test this option, and I can confirm it does work. I’ve been able to turn on my Xbox One by saying “Xbox On” and watching live TV for the last few days. I disabled having Xbox control any of my external devices since I plan to continue to use my Harmony remote for that anyway. A big thank you to John Milligan, Phillip Lyle, and Bluekers for passing this on. As with any workaround, there’s no guarantee it will work for you.

To change this setting go Settings and select TV & OneGuide. There you will find an option for Power settings where you can specify which devices the “Xbox on” and “Xbox turn off” commands will control.