Yapta to the rescue

Recently I signed up on a new web site called Yapta.  Yapta tracks airline ticket prices both before and after purchase.  If you thinking about going somewhere you can enter your trip information, and the site will keep track of the current price and alert you when the price drops.  If you have booked a flight, you can enter your reservation information, and the site will notify you if the price drops. The key with a booked reservation is that airfare rules let you rebook is a lower fare comes available, and your price alert will include the necessary information to request a credit from your airline.

Using the site paid off for me tonight.  I’m flying to Seattle in December to attend the Windows in Higher Education Conference.  When I booked my airfare a couple weeks ago, the cost was $388.80. Tonight Yapta notified me that the fare had dropped to $228.80.  I’m flying American, so after the $100 fee for re-booking the ticket, I was able to get the remaining $60 as a travel voucher. Not a bad deal.  Paying the change fee stinks, but I’m still ahead of where I would have been otherwise.