Xbox 360 Kind of Day

Today was my lucky day. I spent the morning at a Microsoft TechNet briefing about Active Directory and Exchange 2007 security. As is the case at most any IT event, there are always drawings for prizes. Most of the time they are for things like shirts or mugs or other promotional items. Once in a while, however, the vendor will actually give away something of real value, like a PDA. That was the case today. At the beginning they announced that at the end of the session, we should turn in our evaluation forms and in return we’d be entered into a drawing for an Xbox 360.

Now, I’ve been to a lot of these kinds of events, and I never win. Let me repeat, I NEVER win. I can’t tell you how many Xbox systems I didn’t win at this year’s TechEd alone. Well, today my luck changed. And I have the Xbox 360 in my living room to prove it.