Where are my TechEd Posts?

I was at Microsoft’s TechEd conference last week in Orlando. An entire week of sessions, hands on labs, keynotes, and networking. Yet I haven’t posted one thing about TechEd, until now that is. I haven’t even posted my daily swag reports. What gives?

I always go to TechEd with the best intentions.  I’m going to blog every day and post photos and all that.  And every year I post less and less. All I can say, is the fact that I’m not posting during the week shows just how great the conference is each year. There are so many things going on, I simply find I don’t have time. Now I will admit that those late nights and early mornings hanging out with the Krewe could have been used for other activities, but that time with friends is the one thing I look forward to every year. So, blogging be damned, I spent time with my friends.

Maybe next year I’ll try some of that 5-hour Energy stuff and see if I can squeeze out an extra hour or two. Might be good for a couple posts.

I am going to try and post something to summarize the week and upload my swag photos (it was a disappointing year for swag).  If I can get something online by this weekend, I’ll declare victory and move on.