When’s My Next Trip?

Counting Down - 2012 19/366
I love to travel, and for me each new trip, no matter how minor or routine, is something I look forward to with much anticipation. I’m definitely a “work to live” person instead of “live to work.” That probably just means I haven’t found the job I really should be doing, but we’ll leave that for another day.

Up until recently, I’ve made use of the Windows Sidebar and Gadgets to keep countdowns for all of my upcoming trips on my desktop like this photo shows.

Unfortunately, Microsoft recently announced a remote code execution vulnerability in Gadgets so it is time to say goodbye to them. I’m looking for alternatives, but for now I’ve added a Travel Countdown page to this site with all my upcoming trips and how long I have to wait for each of them. I quick glance at this every morning should help keep me motivated for the time being. If you’re ever curious to see where I might be traveling, take a look.