Viva La Weirdoloucion!

Well… Special X is gone. The protests, e-mail appeals, and downright begging apparently had no effect. Some of the shows are moving to other channels:

* The Best of Doctor Demento is moving to Deep Tracks (40)
* Wabbit Twacks is going to XM Kids (116)
* Wax My Woody is going to Fungus (53)
* Sci Fi Hi Fi is going to Cinemagic (27)

Here are the shows that have been orphaned:

* Cover Songs that Give You A Burning In Your Esophagus
* Meet the Residents
* The Planet Pluto Polka Party (I’ll never forgive Lee Abrams for this one.)
* Magical Misery Tour
* Sixty Second Man
* The Fabulous World of Parrot Training Records
* The Thoroughly Thrilling Theremin Theater
* When Hillbillies Go Bad
* And lastly… Weirdness on Special X… Basically everything else they played

We’ll miss you Special X….