Using Mozilla

This will come as a great shock to many people, but I’m coming clean… I tried Mozilla, and I like it.

We’re primarily a Windows shop at work. I do have some Linux servers, and will probably add more, but Windows is dominant. Windows 2000 on the servers, XP Pro on the desktops, SQL Server, Exchange, SMS, and so on. And I’ve been an Internet Explorer user… since 2.0!

Well, even I had to admit that lately IE seems to be getting slower (or maybe the other browsers are getting faster). So when Mozilla came out, I gave it a try. With the latest version 1.30, I find that I use it more and more as my primary browser. I still use IE where I need ActiveX or it is otherwise required, but Mozilla is just plain faster, more reliable and I love the tabbed interface. I know Opera had it before Mozilla, but I never felt comfortable using Opera.

So there you have it. I admit it… I use Mozilla. Just don’t tell Bill OK?