Using FeedBurner for Feeds

I’ve started using FeedBurner to publish my subscription feeds. FeedBurner takes a normal RSS or Atom file from your site and republishes it in a browser-friendly format. Instead of seeing a raw XML file when clicking on the subscribe link, the viewer sees a well-formatted page complete with links for subscribing to the feed using whatever news reader they like.

FeedBurner also has a feature called SmartFeed which provides different versions of the feed dynamically, ensuring that each reader receives the feed in the appropriate format. Now all I need to do is provide a single link for my feeds. No more separate links for each RSS and Atom and RDF version of the feeds.

Lastly, FeedBurner provides statistics on my feeds so I can see how many people subscribe, what readers they are using, etc. If you have your own blog, you should give serious thought to using FeedBurner for your feeds.