Using Premier Hours for Microsoft Ignite 2020

If you have been wondering if you will be able to use Premier Support hours for Microsoft Ignite passes again this year, worry no more. We received official confirmation from our Technical Account Manager (TAM) last week that this option will be offered again for 2020 with some caveats.

Here is what you need to know about using Premier or Unified Support hours for Microsoft Ignite.

  • Only U.S-based Premier and Unified Support customers can use Support Assistance or Proactive Credits for full conference passes.
  • One pass = 11 Support Assistance hours (not sure on Proactive Credits)
  • Ten passes max per customer, and the total number of passes offered under this program is limited.
  • No refunds or cancellations after pass codes are issued and used.
  • Contact your TAM and let them know how many people you would like to sign up.

Here is the relevant part of the actual communication we received:

While not a standard Microsoft Services offering, we have made arrangements for a unique opportunity for you.

With limited availability, our U.S.-based Premier and Unified Support customers can leverage Support Assistance hours or Proactive Credits toward a Full Conference Microsoft Ignite Pass (does not apply to any other pass types or services related to Microsoft Ignite). We know demand will exceed the limited availability. A maximum of 10 passes per customer is in place. Additionally, please only request passes you know you will use; there will be no refunds or cancellations once pass codes are requested and issued. The Microsoft Ignite Conference pass includes access to all sessions, content, The Hub, attendee celebration, and all conference meals between September 21-25, 2020.

E-mail from our Microsoft TAM

I will not be using this offer myself since I qualify for the academic discount, but I wanted to get the word out for anyone with extra Premier hours to use. Hopefully, you have already heard from your TAM by now, but if you have not, hit them up and get your requests in so they’re ready. Mid-March will be here soon!

Hope to see you in New Orleans!