UPS Shipping Fiasco

If you want your package to get where it is going, avoid UPS if at all possible.

I ordered three kringle (a Danish pastry) from back home in Wisconsin. To make sure it arrived before New Year’s, I paid for 2nd day air (the bakery uses UPS) and had it shipped to my work address, since I didn’t want pastries sitting out on the porch in the warm weather we’re experiencing. Guess what? I’m still waiting for my kringle.

I’ll spare you my sad story, but this has really opened my eyes to what a horrible system UPS has for tracking packages. I had one person tell me I could pick up the package, and then another tell me I couldn’t because it hadn’t arrived. I gave them an alternate address to deliver it to today, and I was assured they would take care of it. Turns out they didn’t and the package is waiting for me to pick it up… even though the place where I would pick it up is closed until Monday.

I have now had seven phone conversations with six different people at UPS. I’ve also left a message with the manager here letting him know how unhappy I am. We’ll see if he calls me back on Monday or whether I have to call him.

UPS asks in their ad what “brown” can do for you. My answer to them would be to deliver my package. That’d be a nice start.

Follow-Up: I wanted to let folks know what happened with my UPS problem. I finally had a chance to talk to the area manager, and he apologized for the confusion. He asked me what the kringle cost along with shipping and said he’d request that they send me a check.I offered to provide a receipt, but he said that wouldn’t be necessary. A few weeks later, a check appeared at my doorstep (delivered by UPS of course). So all is well that ends well.