Update on Shaggy – Day 4

Here’s the latest news about Shaggy… Shaggy spent the day like he does most, laying on his bed in the kitchen. After work today, we carted him off to the vet so they could check his progress and see how things were under the bandage. They decided a couple more days were needed still, so they wrapped him up again, this time in a bright yellows, one might even say gold, wrap around the bandages. Since his first set was green, following it up with gold meant he was representing Packers colors like every good dog should (at least in this household). Otherwise, the vet thought he was doing well.  A slightly elevated fever, but nothing to be worried about at this time since everything else looks good.  He goes back on Saturday to be checked again, and if his temperature is still elevated, they will run some blood work and make sure all is well.

The vet indicated that the funny walk where he swings out his back leg is because of the drainage tube that is installed in his groin. The drainage form that one was less than before but not quite dried up, so they figure another week and that can probably come out. He should be a lot more comfortable and mobile at that point.

He’s back home now and resting and hopefully we continue on this trajectory. Here’s a picture of the patient:

Shaggy Day 4

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