Twikini Fan

One of the best things to happen at TechEd had absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft. Someone twittered on the first day of the conference that they were trying out a Twitter client for Windows Mobile called Twikini. I had just been complaining about some of the shortcomings in the client I was using at the time, so I quickly downloaded and installed the new app. Needless to say, it was love at first sight, and the old app was uninstalled and gone for good.

Twikini actually feels like it was designed by someone who uses Twitter on a Windows Mobile phone. Selecting a post takes you to a well-laid out display and even contains actual clickable URLs. Nor more having to hit the number 1 on the keypad like the old software. You can follow and unfollow people. You can pull up timelines from anyone you want. You can even integrate with the GPS built into the phone (although the beta version I’m using now does require that I start Google Maps first to turn on the GPS). Here’s a quick look at a tweet:

Twikini Tweet!

If you’re using Twitter on a Windows Mobile device, give Twikini a try. You can download it from the Trinket Software web site

In the interest of disclosure, the makers of Twikini are offering free licenses to people who blog about the software, positive or negative. I’d gladly pay for it, but if someone wants to give it to me for free, I’m not going to turn it down.