Trader Joe’s coming to STL

Earlier this year, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Trader Joe’s is looking to open locations in the St. Louis area. When I lived in Thousand Oaks, TJ’s was one of my favorite stores. I have yet to find a black bean dip as good as the one they carried. Hopefully they’ll make a decision and open for business soon.

With TJ’s arrival, my “Things I miss about California” list is getting shorter, specifically the retail and dining sections. Cheesecake Factory arrived last year. I’m still waiting for Baja Fresh (with a store in the Kansas City area, we have to get one soon), El Pollo Loco (closest location in Texas), and the retail equivalent of hitting the jackpot on progressive slots with a maximum bet… Ikea! I can spend hours and hours wandering through an Ikea and often do when I get a chance to visit one.