The TechEd Countdown… It’s back!

The TechEd Countdown is BackNow that we know the dates for combined TechEd North America 2015 + Unified Technology Event (or whatever it winds up being called), it’s time to fire up the TechEd Countdown site and Twitter account ( @TechEdCountdown). I kicked things off at the 285 day mark yesterday, and the first daily tweet went out today with 284 days remaining. There isn’t any blog bling available yet, so the countdown image will use the “Save the Date” graphic as its starting point.

I’m sure some of you are going to say, “But TechEd is being replaced with the Unified event next year. Why are you still calling it the TechEd Countdown?” Why? Because the event is still TechEd as far as I’m concerned. Until someone at Microsoft makes an official statement that there will not be an event named “TechEd” in 2015, that’s the name I’m going to use.