The Rental Car Mouse (A Fable with an Unhappy Ending)

This is the story of a mouse who lived in a rental car in North Carolina. We don’t know how long he lived there, but since there wasn’t any food in the car, it couldn’t have been for very long. How did the mouse get into the car? We’ll never know. All we know is that one day in July, the mouse was there, and someone saw him.

The first time a human saw him, he hid so well, the human thought he was seeing things, and didn’t think anything of it. Later, however, the other human saw the mouse and refused to get into the car until it was removed. Of course, the mouse was very good at hiding, so there was no way for them to find him parked in that parking lot.

The humans eventually got back in the car, and eventually the passenger hopped out at a hotel. Then the car started moving again. It stopped at a big store with a sign that said “Lowe’s”. The human disappeared, then returned a short while later with two black plastic things and… a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The mouse was so hungry, he came out while the human was sitting there and ran right to a cup holder with a part of the wrapper from the candy in it. The human grabbed the candy and got out of the car, while the mouse ran off with the wrapper. The wrapper much have smelled so good, but it wasn’t very satisfying to eat.

Rental Car MouseSoon, the human was back in the car, putting those two strange plastic things on the floor in the front and back. “What was in them?” the mouse wondered. Sniff, sniff. It smelled like peanut butter! The mouse ran into one of the plastic things while the human watched. When the mouse came back out from the little room that smelled like peanut butter, the human seemed disappointed, but soon started laughing and took a photo with his phone.

Eventually the little mouse went back into the little room. He really wanted to eat the peanut butter in the little room. And that’s when he tripped the trap and died.

The End.