The Final Microsoft Ignite Hotel Update

After many weeks of tracking availability of hotels for Microsoft Ignite, this will likely be the final update for the (unofficial) Microsoft Ignite 2016 hotel list. The hotel map is no longer displayed on the Ignite site. Instead they’re showing this in its place:


Logging on to the registration site to search for a hotel came up with only one, the Sheraton at the Airport. I expect that’ll be gone soon, and while rooms may show up from time to time due to cancellations, I think we can call the hotel block completely sold out at this time.

If you’re registering between now and September, and can’t find anything, it’s time to check the Advanced Reservations System site recommended by the Ignite site, your favorite hotel booking site, or Airbnb. Good luck finding a room.

How much longer do you think it will be before they announce that the conference itself is sold out?

See you in Atlanta!