The Cloud is a Mystery… or is It?

You Know the Cloud?

I think this clip from the trailer for the upcoming comedy Sex Tape (starring Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz) says it all about how many folks (especially IT Pros) feel about the cloud. (click the embedded video to play)

If you’re an IT Pro and feel that way, take a few minutes and check out Microsoft’s In the Cloud blog by Brad Anderson. Today’s blog post focuses on Enterprise Mobility and shows how IT Pros, specifically SCCM admins, can leverage the cloud by using “InTune as the edge to your SCCM deployment.” Note the positioning of InTune as an extension of SCCM, not as a replacement for it. Too often we hear “the cloud” and run away thinking they’re trying to take away our systems and replace them with hosted services.  While that is certainly an option, it isn’t the only option.

Not an SCCM admin? Don’t worry, there are plenty of posts for other audiences.  Subscribe to the RSS feed or follow Brad on Twitter (or do both!) and watch for new content.  You’re sure to find something that speaks to you and your business and how you can make the Microsoft cloud work for you and not against you.

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