TechEd Store Already Selling Out

The TechEd Store has been open since 8 am today and they’ve already sold out of an item, at least in my size. They have a black t-shirt with “geek” on one side and a definition of geek on the back. Needless to say I was all over this item.

When I inquired about size, I was told that XL was already sold out. Sold out, on the first day? Apparently people were grabbing them from the table as fast as they were unpacked.

Note to whomever decides how much product to ship for the event: A t-shirt that says “geek” on it will be a big seller at a conference attended by thousands of IT professionals. Why not offer a rain check for sold out items? I can’t imagine Microsoft missing an opportunity to make more money. I was planning on buying four shirts myself. That’s $36 right there. I’d even pay shipping. Hey Microsoft, anyone listening?