TechEd Europe 2014 Countdown Show Ep. 1: Enjoy Barcelona’s Best Dining While You’re at TechEd Europe

They’re baaaack!

Everybody’s favorite TechEd Countdown hosts are back, this time with the first episode of the TechEd Europe Countdown Show. There are only 89 days to go according to the TechEd Europe Countdown site, and Joey Snow & Rick Claus kick things off with a tour of great dining options in Barcelona.

If you like tapas, coffee, and beer, this is the show for you. They spotlight four locations – La Bombeta Tapas Restaurant, Pastelerias Mauri, Moritz, and Chachitos Barcelona. They all look amazing, and I’m quite disappointed that I won’t be able to try any of them. Why not? Well, the boss is surprisingly uninterested in sending me to another TechEd this year, let alone one in Europe. Since my search for a sponsor has proved fruitless so far, I’ll have to enjoy Spain’s culinary delights vicariously. Eat up Rick and Joey!

When you watch the video, prepare to be dazzled by the snazzy new intro. Maybe it’s just me, but I was half-expecting/half-hoping hoping those low-res versions of the guys would animate “IT Crowd”-style. Maybe next time. Even so, the rest of the video doesn’t disappoint. TechEd North America ended ~11 weeks ago, and I’ve gone through withdrawal. Having the countdown show back, even for an event which I’m unable to attend, is a welcome development. I’m a bit confused though because this episode is listed under the TechEd blog and not as a Channel 9 show. What’s up with that Channel 9 folks?

If you haven’t registered for TechEd Europe yet, get moving and get it done. The early bird discount has expired, but it’s still a great deal. €1,995 for the full conference, €2,395 if you attend a precon. Of course, I’d qualify for discounted academic rate of €1,195… Hint, hint.

You can always find The TechEd Countdown Show over at Channel 9, but why not just watch it here? Enjoy!

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