TechEd Countdown Show Ep. 5: All about the Atmosphere

TechEd Countdown Show 2013Episode 5 of the TechEd Countdown Show is live! In this episode Rick (@RicksterCDN) and Joey (@JoeySnow) take us on a virtual tour of Madrid and New Orleans to get everyone oriented to our destinations for TechEd 2013. Here’s the bullet list of topics taken right from the post at Channel 9.

  • The culture of tapas and eating patterns in Spain. (I have to admit, I cringe each time they pronounce tapas in the video. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Sorry guys!)
  • Proof that Rick speaks really bad Spanish. (any volunteers to help him get better?)
  • Sample adult beverages from a seasoned establishment on Bourbon Street.
  • Shout out to “#theKrewe” at TechEd North America and beyond.
  • Some of the best content at TechEd will take place in the hallways between sessions and during sessions.

You can always find The TechEd Countdown Show over at Channel 9, but why not just watch it here? Enjoy!