TechEd Bloggers 2005

I'll be at TechEd 2005The TechEd Bloggers site has been updated to get ready for TechEd 2005. This site is a great way to get ready for the conference and keep on top of what’s going on once it starts.

I’m a sysadmin, so I’ll be there primarily for admin, messaging, and management topics. I don’t know what the focus of the show will be this year, but I hope to learn more about directions for Exchange 12, Office 12, and IE 7. Plus, I’m looking forward to visiting the cabanas. The cabanas were the highlight of the conference last year, giving everyone direct access to the product teams from Microsoft as well as some outside experts. Hopefully they will apply some lessons learned from San Diego (mostly sound and lighting issues) this time around to make them even better.

The other big highlight this year is the location. TechEd is in Orlando, as if I needed even more reason to go! Right now I’m putting together plans for Walt Disney World while I’m there. You didn’t think I would miss a chance to go to my second favorite place in the world (after Disneyland) would you? I think I’m going to make a run at the Ultimate Magic Kingdom Touring Plan on this trip. I don’t have any illusions about beating the existing records, but it is a great personal challenge.