TechEd 2014 Countdown Show Ep. 4: The One With More Things Not to Miss in Houston

Episode four of the TechEd Countdown Show is here and it just might blow your mind.

Rick Claus (@RicksterCDN) and Joey Snow (@JoeySnow) give us a two-fer today, basically two shows in one. Not only do they talk about reasons why you should be going to TechEd, but they also take us on another whirlwind tour of Houston. I don’t think there’s a corner of Houston that these two missed, and in every spot they found another place you won’t want to miss!

Keep a close eye on the Houston part of the show. There’s some incredible footage of two men’s figure skating hopefuls practicing for Sochi. Is it just me or is the American skater awfully tall for figure skating? There’s also a segment showing a Canadian nearly laid low by a jalapeño. I expect it to go viral by the end of the day.


What are some of the reasons they give for why YOU should go to TechEd?

  • Access to all the experts you need to solve issues you are facing.
  • Learning something new.
  • Networking and not just with your peers, but also our fantastic partners and our product experts.
  • Get your hands dirty with our Hands On and Instructor Led Labs

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