TechEd 2014 Countdown Show Ep. 12: The One with Certification

I’m a bit behind on getting this post out. If I was swamped at work before, I’m pretty close to drowning now. Add to that a cold and an upcoming trip to MEC in little more than a week and this TechEd things have been shoved to the side.

In this episode, Rick Claus (@RicksterCDN) and Joey Snow (@JoeySnow) address a topic in the forums and chat with their guest Melissa (from Microsoft Learning) about certification activities at TechEd.

The forum topic they tackle this week is from a question someone asked about whether they should bring a laptop or tablet to TechEd. Personally, I bring a laptop which stays at the hotel in case any real work comes up during the week. I also bring tablet – this year it will be the Dell Venue 8 Pro – to use during the day. Light and portable rules when you’re roaming around the convention center.

The certification story is similar to past years. MCP exams will be available on site at 50% off the usual price ($75 instead of $150, prices USD). There’s also a free exam available, 74-409 – Server Virtualization with Windows Hyper-V and System Center. If you want to take an exam at TechEd, you should register online in advance. If you decide at the last minute, walk-in registration will be available. Need to brush up before your test, resources will be available to help you in that area. Attend one of the Exam Prep Sessions that are being offered or check out the Study Hall with all sorts of free resources to use – free practice tests, Safari e-books, or study with one of the MCT Ambassadors who will be on site. Check out the Certification page on the TechEd website.

What would TechEd be without a party? Microsoft Learning will be throwing their Certification Nation Celebration party on Monday after the Vendor Reception at the Expo Hall. The party will be at Howl at the Moon, and you need to show that your certified to get a pass. If you’re not certified now, do it before you get to Houston or get it done that Monday before the party.

If you’re interested in Microsoft Certification, make sure you check our Veronica Sopher’s post (Countdown to TechEd NA 2014: Discounts, Parties, and More!) over on the Born to Learn site. If you’re on Twitter (and if you’re not you should be), make sure you follow Microsoft Learning (@MSLearning) and Veronica (@Shih_Wei).

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