TechEd 2014 Countdown Show Ep. 11: The One with Lots of Odds and Ends

Episode 11 of the TechEd Countdown Show has arrived, and that means we’re only nine weeks away from TechEd. Nine weeks may sound like a long time, but trust me, the big week will be upon us before you can say “System Center 2012 Management Pack for Microsoft Windows Server File & iSCSI Services 2012 R2”! Actually, you may need nine weeks to get through that one. Thank you to Mary Jo Foley for tweeting about one of Microsoft’s longer product names to date.

Our faithful hosts Rick Claus (@RicksterCDN) and Joey Snow (@JoeySnow are back again this week to give us the latest news about TechEd. What’s on the agenda for today? They kick off with a quick reminder about the Schedule Builder which went live last week. Now is the time to start planning for TechEd, and building out your schedule is a great place to start.

They also dip into the forums and touch upon that ongoing concerns of MMS veterans that TechEd equals “marketing” event and MMS equals “technical” event. Rick and Joey address those concerns with an overview of the process that determines which sessions will be presented in Houston. The goal is to provide the breadth and depth of technical content that TechEd alumni have come to expect. This will be 12th year attending TechEd, and I’ve never come away feeling unsatisfied by the level of technical content in my sessions. That doesn’t mean every single session is perfect, but overall I get my money’s worth. Build your schedule with care and I’m sure you will feel the same way.

Rick and Joey also cover some new threads that were added to the TechEd Forum on Channel 9. These threads all start with “TechEd North America 2014:” and are focused on the various tracks and areas that will be at TechEd and are the perfect place to take your comments and questions. For example, if you have a questions about getting certified at TechEd, there is a thread “Microsoft TechEd 2014: Microsoft Certification Discussion” where you can ask your question and get answers. Want to comment on the sessions presented as part of the Datacenter and Infrastructure Management Track? There’s a thread for that too.

The list of track and special topic discussions on the TechEd Forum at Channel 9 are:

Another topic covered in today’s countdown show covered Brad Anderson’s Reddit AMA. As I discussed last week, Brad addressed the persistent rumor that TechEd is going away during the AMA, and Rick and Joe highlight it in the show as well. TechEd isn’t going away. Moving on….

Rick and Joey discuss community and how they get and stay connected with the TechEd community. As you might expect, The Krewe and Twitter are a big part of that discussion.

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