TechEd 2012 Bags Sneak Peek

The TechEd bags were revealed on the TechEd North America Facebook page earlier this morning. Their photo is displayed here. In the past, everyone received the same bag.  This is the first year attendees have their choice of which bag they will receive (while supplies last). Which one are you going to pick?

These eco-friendly bags were created by LOOPTWORKS. According to them, each bag conserves 33.6 Gallons of water, and averted 71% of carbon emissions.  You can discover more details about the materials used in these bags from the TechEd blog post, Upcycled Materials used in the Making of the TechEd 2012 Bag.

TechEd2012 Bag Prototype

Here’s a photo of the prototype bag we saw in January. You can see the logo is much more prominent now than it was on the prototype, a definite improvement. The camo pattern shown here was paired with a darker color on the final bag. Another improvement. Otherwise, the bag looks the same.  I can’t wait to see how they look inside!

And don’t forget, if you want your choice of bags, go and get checked in early. Who knows how long your favorite will be available.  I’ll be there as early as possible on Sunday to get mine.

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