TechEd 2011 – LadeSwag Report Day 0 #msteched

I really should have stopped by now and gone to bed, but I’m on a sprint here and I need to get one more post out before I succumb to sleep.  Here is the official Ladewig Swag Tally…. Wait, I just had an epiphany…. The traditional Ladewig Swag Tally will henceforth be known as… wait for it… The LadeSwag Report.

LadeSwag for Day 0 at TechEd 2011 is as follows:

  • AppSense phone case (in conference bag)
  • Dell Compellant/TechEd hand sanitizer sprayer (get it? Hand SANitizer? Right? You don’t get it? Then you must not be an IT Pro and you should probably quit reading my blog for a few days) (conference bag)
  • NetApp pin
  • TechEd 2011 T-shirt
  • Axceler blinky cup
  • DoubleTake ID Badge clip (found mixed in with Krewe pins)
  • New Horizons blinky shot glass and beads
  • The Krewe 2011 button, also blinky

TechEd 2011 LadeSwag Day 0 (part 1)
TechEd 2011 LadeSwag Day 0 (part 1)

TechEd 2011 LadeSwag Day 0 (part 2)
TechEd 2011 LadeSwag Day 0 (part 2)