TechEd 2011 – It Begins

Can you believe it? TechEd is finally here! OK, it doesn’t actually start until tomorrow, but I’m heading in a day early to get together with some friends before the main event begins.

This will be my ninth TechEd. Dallas in 2003 was my first, and I haven’t missed one yet. If you’re an IT Pro in a Microsoft shop as I am, there is no better place to be if you want to stay current with Microsoft, its products, and the community. Every year I come back with new ideas and insights into our operations at work that I can use to make improvements and offer our users capabilities. The only limiting factor is the resources available back at the office to make these things happen. Not sure how it is where you work, but I have a feeling you understand inadequate budgets and being understaffed.

I’m especially looking forward to getting together with friends from previous TechEds, especially The Krewe. If you’re going to TechEd and you haven’t heard of The Krewe, you must not be online much. Do a search on the hashtag #TheKrewe and you’ll start to understand. Want to have fun while at TechEd? Want to find out where the parties are? Want to expand your network with smart and sociable people? Get to know The Krewe. Plus we’re bringing the mustaches. #stacheapalooza ’nuff said.