TechEd 2008: One Becomes Two

Microsoft announced yesterday that TechEd 2008 will split into two events.  TechEd 2008 Developers will be held June 3-6, and TechEd 2008 IT Professionals will be held June 10-13.  Both events will be in Orlando as previously announced.

Brian Marble posted the news over on Tech•Ed Rocks!  He had asked the question on the site last year whether the event should be split in two. I was strongly in favor of the change.  I expect this will make it possible for Microsoft to both expand the number of people who attend from each group as well as make it possible for TechEd to be held in more varied locations.  I love going to Orlando as much as anyone, but would be nice to move it around a bit.

I’m an IT Pro, so I’m looking forward to having more focus on infrastructure across the event.  Great decision Microsoft!

After reading the TechEd 2008 FAQ, thought I’d mention the expected attendance for each event.  Based on previous events, they expect approximately 5,000 developers/designers and 10,500 IT Pros.

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