TechEd 2007: Bluecast Blues

Dean Andrews posted over on the TechNet Webcast Weblog about the Bluecast feature at TechEd and some of the issues they’ve had. The idea is you set your Bluetooth-enabled phones and other devices to be discoverable, and content will be made available that you can download and use. Some of the stations offered an opportunity to get a free e-book or a video that you can show to get a free t-shirt.

I tried and tried and had absolutely no luck. All I managed to do was help run my battery down more than normal. According to Dean, I wasn’t alone. Apparently we overwhelmed their systems, so they regrouped and reduced the number of Bluecast locations and beefed up their infrastructure. I didn’t have any more luck yesterday but didn’t try today. I’ll give it one more try tomorrow, and if I still don’t get anything, then I give up. My PPC-6700 must be one of the devices they mentioned that have beenbdisabled by the manufacturers from receiving Bluetooth published content.

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