TechEd 2007: Bag Check Mess

Ran into the first logistics mess of the conference this morning. Like most people, I planned to check out of my hotel this morning and check bags at the convention center for the morning sessions.

When I arrived, I found a long line that wasn’t moving very fast. Turns out they had one line for airline check-in and one line for regular bag check. That’s all they had for everyone checking bags. It took over half an hour to reach the front of the line, and the line behind me had grown to over an hour wait. Would have been much more efficient to use the huge empty space in the registration area and setup a roped off area to place bags instead of hauling them from the line, around the counter, and into a room behind the registration desk.

Nearly missed breakfast and my first session. I expect this is a convention center screw-up, but the show organizers need to address this for next year.