TechEd 2006 Day 1 (part 3)

OK, who at Microsoft thought it was a good idea to do the keynote at night and have thousands of us all try and catch a bus to our hotel?

You would expect them to load up a bus, then let it roll, and bring in another. Instead we fill a bus, let it sit, and wait. For what I’m not sure.

Great planing. Maybe next year, assuming they do the keynotes on Sunday, the can start them earlier and have some other things like hands on labs so that not everyone leaves at once. Plus, the energy level of the crowd was so low. You could tell people just wanted to get back to their hotels for the night.

They also might want to have someone review the funny parts of the keynote to make sure they are actually funny. Maybe if I watched 24, it would have been more entertaining. They had the actress who played Chloe (?) there to go along with a 24 spoof called 4 with each episode covering a 4 minute time period with IT issues. It was cute, but not as funny as it could have been.