TechEd 2005 Swag Roundup

OK, here’s the long awaited final tally for TechEd 2005 swag:

  • 11 T-Shirts (TechTrain, Microsoft IT Hero, Symantec, Shavlik, Microsoft Webcasts, Imanami, VMware, EMC, Trend Micro & IMlogic, Red-Gate Software, and TechEd 2005)
  • 4 Baseball Caps (Microsoft IT Hero in black, Microsoft IT Hero in white, Windows Mobile, and TechEd Alumni)
  • Foam Orange (Mimosa Systems)
  • “Octopus” Yo-yo (Microsoft Sharepoint)
  • Foam Cube (Good)
  • Whistle (Idera)
  • Bawls Candy (Microsoft TechNet)
  • Optical Mouse (Microsoft Office Communicator)
  • Foam Golf Ball (Avocent)
  • Diecast Racecar (Intel)
  • SpamAid Airborne Tablets (Barracuda Networks)
  • Stress Ball (Microsoft Live Communications Server)
  • Metal CD Case (Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005)
  • All-in-One Stapler (Microsoft Exchange Server Community)
  • Foam Head (USA-Net)
  • Foam People (Microsoft IT Hero)
  • Pen (Microsoft IT Hero)
  • 2 Decks Playing Cards (Microsoft TechNet Plus, Microsoft MSDN)
  • USB Light (Microsoft SMS 2003)
  • Sunscreen (Microsoft Services Premier Support)
  • Notepad (Microsoft System Center Reporting Manager)
  • Blue Plastic Lei (Imanami)
  • Live Strong Bracelet (?)
  • Mini Coffee Mug (TechSmith)

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff!