TechEd 2005 Day 6

My flight back home was at 11:30, so I didn’t have time to do much other than have breakfast and hit the CommNet for a bit before catching the shuttle to the airport. Next year I plan on staying over Friday night so that I can attend the Friday sessions.

Airport was pretty busy, and my flight was overbooked, so I volunteered to the give up my seat. After receiving my $300 travel voucher (thank you American!), I headed back to the main terminal to grab lunch at Macaroni Grill and catch up on some reading.

My next flight was supposed to leave at 5 p.m., and since it was overbooked as well, I volunteered again to give up my seat. Another $300 voucher and a night at the Hyatt sounded like a fair trade. Alas, a family of four gave up their seats, so they didn’t need mine.

It was probably just as well because it turned out I managed to catch a cold at some point during the week. By the time I arrived back home, I was really feeling the cold coming up on me, sore throat, itchy eyes, and so on. Not sure why, but whenever I travel, I always seem to get sick. Guess I’m just susceptible to it. I take Vitamin C, Zinc-based cold medicines, and wash my hands regularly, but it doesn’t seem to help much. At least I didn’t get sick until I was leaving. It would have been pretty miserable being sick during the conference.

So another TechEd ends. I think next year will have more buzz associated with it since Longhorn will be getting close, plus Exchange 12, Office 12, and everything else Microsoft has in store with us. See you all in Boston!