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Say Goodbye to Zune

I received an email from Microsoft this afternoon with the subject “Farewell, Zune. Hello, Groove.” With a subject like that, it was obvious the end was finally near. The email starts out: As a Zune customer, you’ve been a big part of our music community. Thanks for being with us from the start. Over the

Microsoft Accounts and the Catch 22

Nothing makes my head hurt like trying to bring some order to my Microsoft Account situation.  Like many people, I have a trail of Microsoft Accounts, although to be honest, some started life as Live accounts and Passport accounts. I have my Hotmail account, multiple accounts using my work email in its various incarnations, as

Xbox Music + Zune Desktop = Headache

I finally upgraded my home system to Windows 8 a few weeks ago, and I’m still working on moving/merging/reinstalling/etc. Yesterday I found myself playing around with the Music app, and I’ve realized this is going to be cumbersome for a while. Why? Because of Zune. Yes, I own a Zune HD (and love it), and