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MMS 2013 Bag and Contents

I just went through registration and picked up the conference bag. As Rod Trent (@RodTrent) kept hinting, the bag is pretty nice. I had a sneak peek, but its even better in person. One word of warning though. If you’re a backpack person, you’re going to be disappointed. So, without further ado, here is the

Looking for Missing Source Fource Figures

I’ve been spotlighting pieces from my swag collection in my Project 365 photos this year. The last several have been foam super heroes that Microsoft calls the Source Fource. These characters were offered at events like TechEd as well as rewards for attending development webcasts. I have the first two collections, but somehow missed a few

LadeSwag Report – MEC 2012

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably asking yourself (in that quiet inside-your-head kind of voice) some questions. A swag report? For a conference that happened four months ago? Who thinks anyone really cares about the swag he picked up, let along swag from FOUR months ago? Well, let me answer those questions. Yes. Yes. Me.