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SolarWinds Webinar: The Top Troubleshooting Issues Exchange Admins Face and How To Tackle Them

I’ve been a Microsoft Exchange administrator for a long time, stretching back across both years and versions. Even though I think Exchange is one of the most well-behaved systems if implemented properly, there are still those times when things aren’t quite working the way you’d like or expect. Those are the times when good troubleshooting

Reflections on MEC 2014

It’s Sunday, and I’ve been back from Austin and the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) for a few days now. I even worked on Friday, and if there’s anything to make you feel melancholy about a conference ending, it’s going back to work. As people continue to head out of Austin and return home, wrap-up posts are

New Clues for MEC 2012 Part 3

Right on schedule, the next email about MEC 2012 arrived today. I have been posting my analysis of the hints and clues in each email, and you can read Part 1 and Part 2 if you want to get caught up. As expected, the latest message is for the fictitious MEC 2010 conference focused on Microsoft