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TechEd Europe 2014 Countdown Show Ep. 1: Enjoy Barcelona’s Best Dining While You’re at TechEd Europe

They’re baaaack! Everybody’s favorite TechEd Countdown hosts are back, this time with the first episode of the TechEd Europe Countdown Show. There are only 89 days to go according to the TechEd Europe Countdown site, and Joey Snow & Rick Claus kick things off with a tour of great dining options in Barcelona. If you

Countdown Site Added for TechEd Europe

It’s time for another TechEd countdown. This time we’re counting down the days until TechEd Europe which will be October 28-31 in Barcelona.  The live countdown website is at http://techedcountdown.com/eu, and if you want a daily countdown tweet you can follow @countdown_teeu on Twitter. When registration opened for TechEd Europe, I decided that it wasn’t fair