Strange Mailing List

I received two promotional items in the mail today for a company sponsoring a conference on project management. What was strange were the addresses on the items.  One was addressed to Farah Fath, Chief Technology Officer for “Ladewig Scott” at my address. The other was for Richard Grant with all the other information the same.  Apparently the sender bought a list from someone who scoured websites for names.  What I don’t understand is how you scavenge some random names and then slap a CTO title on them and then assume I’m a company.  I knew I had a post that mentioned Farah from when she was on Days of Our Lives, and I had the opportunity to meet her at a fan event.  But Richard Grant was a mystery until I ran a a quick search of the blog and discovered a post talking about an online Doctor Who webisode where the Doctor was played by Richard Grant.  I don’t know where they bought the list, but they need to find a  new source for leads, because these just make them look stupid.