SolarWinds Webinar: The Top Troubleshooting Issues Exchange Admins Face and How To Tackle Them

I’ve been a Microsoft Exchange administrator for a long time, stretching back across both years and versions. Even though I think Exchange is one of the most well-behaved systems if implemented properly, there are still those times when things aren’t quite working the way you’d like or expect. Those are the times when good troubleshooting skills can make the difference between happy users and unhappy users. And let me tell you, if your users are unhappy, you the Exchange admin is going to be unhappy too.

If you want to avoid being unhappy, brush up on your troubleshooting tricks and tips now, before you need them. A great opportunity to do just that will is coming up very soon. SolarWinds (the company that makes a lot of handy apps for sysadmins) is presenting a webinar on May 12 from 11 AM to noon (Central time) titled “The Top Troubleshooting Issues I’ve been a Microsoft Exchange administrator” with The Exchange Goddess herself, Phoummala Schmitt.

During this session Phoummala will share her experience dealing with a number of scenarios and her techniques for resolving those scenarios. These include:

  • Issues to expect during and after Exchange upgrades.
  • The most annoying mail box management issues, including passwords, permission changes, and cached Exchange mode.
  • Issues that have the highest “visibility” with your end-users. (The ones that drive the volume of complaints.)
  • What to expect with Office 365.

Phoummala is a good friend of mine, and a well-known personality online. I’ve been lucky over the years to get to know a number of the people in the Exchange community, and she is right up there with the people I respect the most. Definitely check out her webinar if this is a topic of interest to you. Space is limited, however, so make sure you go register now and reserve your spot.

You can see a screen shot of the webinar page below. If you do decide to go, let her know Scott sent you

Phoummala Schmitt webinar