Shaggy Update

A whole seven hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. Shaggy had an OK night and this morning he finally pooped (I know, TMI), so we’ve run through all the biological functions and things seem normal so far on that front.  He scarfed down his food and pills this morning, and after some prodding, drank some water.

The Comfy Cone is a big success so far. Easy to wipe clean, and more comfortable for him.  Was a good investment that hopefully we’ll never need again. His mouth still stinks, but I think it’ll be awhile before that clears up. I’m trying to avoid reading something into everything he does this weekend. The alternative is you wind up on a roller coaster of “Look, he’s doing much better!” to “Oh no. He’s never going to wag his tail again.” sort of thing.

Not much more to report.