Setting Up New PC

Getting a new PC is great, but reloading all of the software can be a real pain. My new system arrived last week Tuesday, and I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked. Things have been busy at work as we get close to the end of the semester, and then we went to Chicago for the weekend. I really need to get IMatch installed so I can finish posting the last of our DC photos.

The good part about having to reinstall applications is it forces you to do some housekeeping and pitch programs you don’t need. I’ve been deleting folders and files left and right. It is amazing how many things you download and never get rid of when they are no longer needed. I found drivers from two motherboards ago and things I downloaded in 2001 and earlier. Talk about ancient history.

The new PC itself is working great. No more spontaneous reboots for one thing. And the new monitor is amazing. Of course, just as soon as I buy the 2405FPW, word comes out that Dell is releasing a 30 inch widescreen to compete with Apple’s Cinema Display. According to a story at Engadget, the 3007WFP will be out later this month. Refreshes of the 2005 and 2405, the 2007 and 2407, will be out in the Spring. Oh well, I can’t complain.