Roy Disney buries the Hatchet

No, he didn’t bury it in Eisner’s back. On Friday, Roy Disney and Stan Gold came to an agreement with the Walt Disney Company to settle their dispute. According to the agreement, announced in a joint statement, Roy and Stan agree not to run a slate of directors or submit shareholder resolutions for at least five years. They also dismissed their lawsuit against the company. In return Roy is back on the board as Director Emeritus and a consultant. The role is largely ceremonial since he can’t vote on anything, but at least he has a seat at the table.

About time! With Eisner on his way out and Iger making an effort (so it seems) to correct some of the problems that had developed under Eisner, Roy and Stan’s dispute had become counter-productive. This agreement is a way for both sides to save face and for Roy to rejoin the company.