Related to Jesus?

Now I’ve seen it all. Someone has an eBay auction (for a starting bid of $49,000 no less) for the publishing rights to what they claim is a report showing family ties between Jesus (as in the Christ) and various people. But wait, there’s more! You even get the domain name! What a deal!

These folks even point out that the bible documents Jesus’ link to Adam & Eve through Joseph. So people will be flooding you with orders to buy this valuable genealogical research tool once they find that out! Of course, if someone accepts as factual the story of Adam & Eve, wouldn’t they believe we are all related to Adam & Eve anyway? If someone really included Adam & Eve in their family tree, I doubt they’re all that hung up on little things like documentation and proof.

I think I’ll save my $49,000 and wait until some more swizzle sticks from Disneyland’s Club 33 show up on eBay.