Regal Princess Float Out & Royal Princess Tour

Today is a big day for Princess Cruises with the float out of Regal Princess at the Monfalcone shipyard in Venice. Several people are covering the event online today, and afterwards they will be touring Royal Princess as she gets closer to her debut in June. I will be sailing on Royal’s maiden Caribbean cruise in October, so I’m really interested to see what progress has been made since the last update.

If you’re interested in checking out the tweets for today’s events, watch the hashtags #RoyalPrincess and #RegalPrincess, as well as the following folks who are reporting from Italy:

Paul Ludlow, UK Director for Princess Cruises (@PaulLudlowUK) is there as well, and I’ve included a few of his tweets below with pictures of the two vessels. First some looks at Regal Princess:

Now a look at Royal Princess: