Poor Service from I Ride Trolley

I’ve used the I Drive trolley service in Orlando a couple times now here at TechEd, and I’m not impressed. The trolleys on the green line are supposed to run every 30 minutes. Instead I waited over 45 minutes, only to have the driver insist that she had been there more recently than that. Well, unless she can warp time and space, that was a flat out lie. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but the previous day I heard the same driver say the same thing while she talked to a dispatcher about a customer who called to say he had been waiting for an hour. I understand there are a lot of people in town and that things might be running behind schedule. If she had said that was the reason, I would have understood, but I don’t appreciate a lie.

After the driver insisted I was wrong, I told her to just let me off and that I didn’t appreciate how rude they were. I definitely won’t use the service again and will not likely stay in this area again. It was a good reminder why I usually stay on Disney property when I come to Orlando.