PIE Adapter = Car No Start

Today started off on a low note when I left for the day (or so I thought) only to find that my car wouldn’t start. I had the battery replaced a few weeks back, so needless to say I wasn’t happy about having this problem again. My dad came over, jumped the car, and we dropped it off at the dealer.

A few hours later (and $198… man those labor rates are painful), I find out the problem is my PIE CHRY02-AUX adapter. The adapter plugs into the CD changer port on the radio making it possible to plug in audio devices like MP3 players or, in my case, an XM satellite radio. It worked fine for the last couple years, but recently it decided to go on the fritz. To add insult to injury, while driving home, I discovered that when they worked on the car, they left the radio antenna disconnected. So I can’t listen to XM or regular radio now. At least the radio comes out fairly easily, so I can reconnect the antenna when I get a few minutes, rather than take it back to the dealer to have them correct their oversight. Still ticks me off though.

Sigh… If only auto makers would offer AUX inputs on their radios

Double sigh… Today gets better and better. The Packers just lost to the Vikings… by a field goal… again.