Picture Day

We upgraded our SAN this summer, moving from a Xiotech Magnitude to a Magnitude 3D. We purchased the 3D from CDW-G, and shortly thereafter, someone from CDW-G called to ask if they could write an article about us for a magazine they put out for their customers. I figured a little press never hurt anyone, so they interviewed me for a story about our storage environment with focus on the 3D and how buying it from CDW-G was a good thing.

This morning, a photographer flew up from Houston to take some pictures of me and the 3D for the story. I guess I didn’t have a good understanding of how long it takes to do a photo shoot, because what I thought would be an hour tops wound up being nearly three hours from start to finish. We took pictures in front of Brookings, in the computer room, and over the flag hallway in Simon Hall. Talk about not getting anything done today!

I saw a few of the pictures and they looked pretty good. Amazing what a difference having a professional photographer makes. I’m looking forward to see how this piece comes together.