Microsoft Ignite 2018 Hotel Update (April 3)

General registration for Microsoft Ignite 2018 opens today, so this is a good time to update the (unofficial) Microsoft Ignite Hotels page. Two hotels are already unavailable. Please note the usual caveats: “Unavailable” means the hotel no longer shows up in a search for a Sunday-Friday stay. If your dates differ, you may be able

Microsoft Ignite 2018 Pre-Day Workshops

When you register for Microsoft Ignite 2018, you have the option to add Pre-Day Workshops on Sunday, September 24. The workshops are all-day (9 AM – 5 PM) deep dives into various technical topics. At $500, it is a great way to maximize your learning opportunities for the week. Most Pre-Day Workshops are setup classroom

Microsoft Ignite 2018 Early Registration Opens

Early registration for Microsoft Ignite 2018 opened today at 9 AM Pacific. If you preregistered for Ignite, you should have received an email today from Microsoft inviting you to register for Ignite. If you did not see the email, don’t worry, you don’t need any codes or special links. Just head over to the registration

New Cast Iron Skillet

I normally cook steaks on the grill outside, but with the recent stretch of single-digit temperatures, I wasn’t too excited about going outside to cook the ribeyes I pulled out of the freezer. As I contemplated how I was going to prepare them, it became apparent that I need to fill the gaping hole in